Boyertown Visitation

On February 10, 2022 the DDGM kicked off visitation season with the inaugural visit to Boyertown Lodge No 741.

The District line included DDGM Herz, PDDGM Dillon, and SoI Principal Good.

During the meeting, impressively attended by the Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden and GL Representative from every lodge in the Mighty 40th, DDGM Herz had the honor of bestowing two 50 Year Emblems to Boyertown members.

From the desk of DDGM Herz

Officers of the Mighty 40th,

That was a great night in Boyertown, last night.  Again, my thanks to ALL of you for your support & encouragement.  I was a bit on edge at first, but we got through it together.  I especially want to thank Boyertown Lodge No. 741 for their hospitality and delicious foods; I am a cream-puff for cream-puffs (Bravo, Mrs. Rivera) !!!

As far as the task of contacting the Widows, as I stated each Lodge needs to compile a list of all known Widows from your Lodge & please confirm their contact information (a friendly phone call, a card in the mail, an email, etc.), however you want to do this. Once you have a solid list, let me know and we will take the next step of giving these Ladies the info to possibly join the Widow’s Guild Program to allow them access to the resources available to them…

I suggest picking a few members to track down the Widows; likely a few with “tenure” as they may know of some Ladies that the newer members may not.  However, involving newer members in this exercise may help them to “find their niche” in your Lodge…

This project should be completed as soon as possible, but at a minimum let’s get done by the June Break, please.  For those already in contact with their Widows regularly (Mt. Pickering), please provide some guidance for the rest of us, if needed.  It goes without saying that any future Widows should immediately get access to this info as we get established…

I want to let you all know that I have your backs just as you guys have mine; remember We are a united District, full of Brotherly Love…

S & F,
William L. Herz
District Deputy Grand Master
40th Masonic District

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