A message from the DDGM regarding Officer Training

As you know there is an Officer Training Workshop this Saturday for Region 1. The workshop is intended for JW’s, SW’s, WM’s & DDGM’s.

I had announced the date at our SOI’s and apparently there was some confusion that I would like to clarify. Unknown to me at the time, there was a “Registration” that needed to be done by those interested in attending. After receiving a GL email that showed 3 of us being registered, I thought it best that I register too. The next day, I received another email stating that “registration is closed; the class is full”.

Now I realize that there are others who also did not know there was a process to follow to reserve a seat and are therefore, locked out of the workshop. For this confusion, I apologize. However, there is hope…

We will attempt to get a “District Class” set up whereby any who missed the upcoming class can get the training they desire. There is also an idea being discussed internally of developing a “Junior Officer” District Training for those brethren that are working their way towards JW… The obvious question is “Why wouldn’t we want our Incoming Officers to have an idea of what is in store for them?” Again, I apologize and from now on, let’s all assume that there is a “registration process” for every workshop and/or event offered.

S & F,
William L. Herz
District Deputy Grand Master
40th Masonic District

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