Gettysburg Bus Trip

Worshipful Master Brian P. Deese of Springford Lodge has asked me to put out a request asking any and all members, family, and friends to please get in your reservations for their bus trip to Gettysburg National Park.

Attached is the flyer with all the information as well as the cost. It promises to be a fun-filled day. All the arrangements are taken care of as we travel to the Gettysburg area to enjoy the National Park and surrounding area. 

They are still in need of more participants to occupy all the reservations required to fill the bus. Remember you don’t have to be a Mason to participate. Please support Springford Lodge and get those reservations in as the response time nears to finalize the reservations with the bus company. The Worshipful Master can be contacted at 484 925-7005.

Spring Ford’s bus trip to Gettysburg has been postponed to Saturday October 8th. Please see the attached flyer for updated information

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