Spiritual Outreach


As previously mentioned, the Mighty 40th District is establishing a “Spiritual Outreach” program for the use of our Members & Families…

I have appointed Bro. Bob Witmyer as District Chaplain and he will be available to offer guidance and counsel as it is needed.  Bro. Bob is a Clergyman by trade and is well experienced as a Masonic Chaplain.  

Please do not hesitate to seek his assistance if it is needed; Take Care of Yourselves so that we may Take Care of Others.

40th District Chaplain
Bro. Robert Witmyer
cell 717-802-2099

Lodge Secretaries – Please make the members aware of this contact by listing it in your Lodge Notice, where space is available & mention this email with Correspondence at your Next Stated Meeting…thank you all.

S & F,

William L. Herz

District Deputy Grand Master

40th Masonic District

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