The Grand Lodge Leadership Seminar

The Grand Lodge Leadership Seminar is being offered on Saturday October 15, 2022 at the Valley of Allentown at 1533 Hamilton Street Allentown, PA 18102

We have all heard the Grand Master’s desire that we communicate the value of the fraternity to the membership.  THIS is one of the many opportunities that we offer and our members can take advantage of it very inexpensively.  In my career, I have attended and presented at numerous leadership seminars similar to this one.  I highly recommend this one as a leadership development opportunity for our membership.  

I am asking for your assistance to actively promote this program to your Lodge officers and upcoming officers.  Many of our officers have never been in a leadership position and this course will help make them much more effective when they are running their respective lodges. 

When I say “actively promote”,  I am not suggesting you simply forward this email.  You need to personally encourage these brothers to take advantage of this opportunity.  You know which lodges and brothers are in particular need of this sort of training.  Please engage them on the phone or preferably face to face and get them signed up for this course. 

About the Course:

The Leadership Seminar is designed to be very interactive and thought provoking.  The course covers different leadership styles, the importance of effective communication, conflict management, how to motivate and persuade, and illustrates the value of embracing generational differences.  It is a combination of lecture and breakout groups for more intimate discussions on other leadership challenges and situations.

Registration will run from 7:45AM – 8:30AM with a continental breakfast

The course will be conducted from 8:30AM – 3:30PM with a lunch provided for the participants.

The registration is currently open on the Grand Lodge website ( There is a $25.00 registration fee that needs to be paid during the online registration process.  Lodges are authorized to reimburse this fee and mileage for any Brother that wishes to attend.

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