District 40 Re-Org Meeting for 2023


At last nite’s SOI we had a discussion on when we could hold our re-org meeting since Dec 7th won’t work due to the GL Quarterly Communication. It has been determined that the best nite would be Wed, Nov 30th at 7pm at SpringFord. 

Incoming Masters are needed in attendance in order to pick SOI assignments & Visitation dates for 2023. Current Masters & Wardens are also welcome. Please make sure your Lodge is represented. Masters, if your successor isn’t your current SW (included in the email) please forward this off to them.

Also, Masters & Secretaries, please fill out & return the attached 2023 Contact list so I can get started on the new Lodge Directory. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks much.


Eric A. Bausch, P.M.

40th Masonic District Secretary


40th Masonic District of Pennsylvania (pa40th.org)

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