Grand Lodge of Delaware Visits Mt Pickering

On March 13th, 2023 Mt. Pickering Lodge rekindled it’s 80+ year tradition of hosting the Grand Lodge of Delaware for a night of fellowship.

Traveling north to attend this event was R.W. Ronald Ferraro, Deputy Grand Master, R. W. James Hanby ,Senior Grand Warden , R.W. Rick McTheny, Junior Grand Warden, and W.B. Kevin O’Rourke, Junior Grand Deacon. In addition, the DDGM William Herz greeted the Grand Line and accompanied the visitation.

A spectacular meal, spearheaded and delectably delivered by Brother Steward Sean McWilliam, was filet Mignon and shrimp, with salad, green beans, and mashed potatoes as sides, and a smoked salmon bar as an appetizer. This lovey meal was very well received.

During the meeting, our own SMC Doug Brown gave a very engaging talk on the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day, and how it was ushered into existence by a famous American Mason; if you missed it and with to know more, reach out to Brother Doug.

Mt Pickering was also honored by the DDGM who presented two of our members with Master Builder awards and two with Master Craftsman awards! Congratulations Brothers WM Chris Lally, SW Steven Wilson, JW Jeff Kravecs, and Sean McWilliams!

After a wonderful meeting, we concluded with dessert and refreshments and our regular door prize drawings.

The R. W. Senior Grand Warden of Delaware James Hanby has updated their Facebook page with a stunning write up of last nights event; read it here:

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