Simultaneous Master Masons Degrees Mar. 29

         See the source image Boyertown Lodge No. 741

                     Free and Accepted Masons

                     Boyertown, Pennsylvania

                               Worshiupful Master-

                                 Brother, Robert A. Witmyer

Brothers,   Alan Makins  PM  Worshipful Master, Stichter Lodge No. 254

                  Leonard Shirk PM  Worshipful Master, Phoenix Lodge No. 75

Brothers,  Here is the list of Extra  Officers and Items we will need to do the three simultaneous Master Masons Degrees on Wednesday, March 29 at Boyertown Lodge No. 741. Please let me know as soon as possible what officers and items you will be able to provide.  Our officers will be taking their respective places and Brother William Rohrbach PM from Saucon Lodge will be the conferring Worshipful Master. We Will have a rehearsal on Monday, March 27, at 7 PM. This rehearsal is important in that we need to coordinate the movements of the degree so that it all takes place simultaneously. My thanks for helping us with this conferral and from what I hear there may be others from the 40th district who may be coming to see this event. Thanks again for your assistance.


Brother Robert Witmyer

Worshipful Master


              2 extra Worshipful Masters in full regalia (aprons, collars, and Hats)

              2 extra  Senior Wardens in full regalia (aprons, collars)

              2 extra Jr. Wardens in full regalia ( aprons, collars )

               2 extra Guides

          Materials needed:

                     2 extra Squares

                     4 extra Compasses

                    2 extra raising cushions

                    1 extra kneeling cushion

                    2 extra- large wooden 24 in gages

                    2 extra- large wooden Squares

                    2 extra- large wooden setting Mauls

                     2 extra-  Jr. Warden columns

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