Spiritual Outreach


As previously mentioned, the Mighty 40th District is establishing a “Spiritual Outreach” program for the use of our Members & Families…

I have appointed Bro. Bob Witmyer as District Chaplain and he will be available to offer guidance and counsel as it is needed.  Bro. Bob is a Clergyman by trade and is well experienced as a Masonic Chaplain.  

Please do not hesitate to seek his assistance if it is needed; Take Care of Yourselves so that we may Take Care of Others.

40th District Chaplain
Bro. Robert Witmyer
cell 717-802-2099

Lodge Secretaries – Please make the members aware of this contact by listing it in your Lodge Notice, where space is available & mention this email with Correspondence at your Next Stated Meeting…thank you all.

S & F,

William L. Herz

District Deputy Grand Master

40th Masonic District

Regional School Participants Needed


Brother Ken Good, Principle of the 40th School of Instruction is still looking for participants to help exemplify the Mechanics of the Fellowcraft degree at the Regional Sectional School on April 9th. He has a few positions that still need to be filled. 

If you have any suggestions/volunteers, please let him know as soon as possible. And make sure they attend the next SOI in Royersford. Let’s show them how the Mighty 40th is still the strongest district in the state!


Eric A. Bausch, P.M.

Mt. Pickering Visitation

On March 14, 2022 the DDGM visited Mt. Pickering Lodge No 446 with an official visitation. Prior to the stated meeting Mt. Pickering hosted its annual Ham & Oyster dinner. After the stated meeting, fellowship, desserts and coffee were had, while the Officers of Mt. Pickering attended to the Member door prizes, the dinner ticket raffle, and the scratch off ticket raffle drawings.

Gettysburg Bus Trip

Worshipful Master Brian P. Deese of Springford Lodge has asked me to put out a request asking any and all members, family, and friends to please get in your reservations for their bus trip to Gettysburg National Park.

Attached is the flyer with all the information as well as the cost. It promises to be a fun-filled day. All the arrangements are taken care of as we travel to the Gettysburg area to enjoy the National Park and surrounding area. 

They are still in need of more participants to occupy all the reservations required to fill the bus. Remember you don’t have to be a Mason to participate. Please support Springford Lodge and get those reservations in as the response time nears to finalize the reservations with the bus company. The Worshipful Master can be contacted at 484 925-7005.

Spring Ford’s bus trip to Gettysburg has been postponed to Saturday October 8th. Please see the attached flyer for updated information

National September 11 Memorial Museum Bus Trip

The WM of Stichter asked me to inform you that they are planning a bus trip to the National September 11 Memorial Museum on August 6th 2022. Attached is their sign-up sheet.

The cost is $75.00 per person and includes the bus and admission to the memorial. This trip is open to Masons, family and friends. Youth 14 and above may also attend.

The memorial and museum is a self-guided tour, so you will probably have extra time. You may roam NYC at your leisure. Some of us are going to the USS Intrepid for a separate visit. This requires you to find transportation (cab, bus Uber etc), as the bus cannot stay and transport us.  The cost of anything above and beyond the 9/11 Memorial and Museum is additional.

Information to Help Ukrainians


As we discussed at last night’s visitation, some of our Lodges were looking for ways to help our Ukrainian Brothers and all the people caught up in the war. Brother Phung mentioned that he works with a doctor at the Fox Chase Hospital who is traveling to the Polish & Ukrainian border to provide medical care to refugees- a majority of whom are women and children.

Donations are currently being collected at the Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center in Jenkintown until March 18th, at this time. The UECC website will have the information of items they are looking for and other avenues of donations as well.  UECC | Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center | Jenkintown (

However, donations are being accepted on the gofundme page of Dr. Laura Bukavina. Fundraiser by Laura Bukavina : Assistance to Ukrainian Refugees ( The gofundme page can provide the funds for Dr. Bukavina to buy whatever supplies that are needed for her next trip back to refugee camps on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Please pass this information on to your Lodge and your fellow brethren. Thanks.

A message from the DDGM regarding Officer Training

As you know there is an Officer Training Workshop this Saturday for Region 1. The workshop is intended for JW’s, SW’s, WM’s & DDGM’s.

I had announced the date at our SOI’s and apparently there was some confusion that I would like to clarify. Unknown to me at the time, there was a “Registration” that needed to be done by those interested in attending. After receiving a GL email that showed 3 of us being registered, I thought it best that I register too. The next day, I received another email stating that “registration is closed; the class is full”.

Now I realize that there are others who also did not know there was a process to follow to reserve a seat and are therefore, locked out of the workshop. For this confusion, I apologize. However, there is hope…

We will attempt to get a “District Class” set up whereby any who missed the upcoming class can get the training they desire. There is also an idea being discussed internally of developing a “Junior Officer” District Training for those brethren that are working their way towards JW… The obvious question is “Why wouldn’t we want our Incoming Officers to have an idea of what is in store for them?” Again, I apologize and from now on, let’s all assume that there is a “registration process” for every workshop and/or event offered.

S & F,
William L. Herz
District Deputy Grand Master
40th Masonic District